About the title, God’s Nobodies

Rev. Frank Giuliano, lifelong minister to the family whose story I tell in my ebook, self-published his own book in 1996 called God’s Nobodies. The name comes from a passage in First Corinthians. As I write in my book, the phrase

describes people who live for God rather than self. In Brother Frank’s writings and talks, “nobodies” ends up sounding more literal, as negating all human value. Selflessness turns here to self-loathing, humility to humiliation. People are “insignificant worms” unworthy of God’s benefits, never measuring up. “There is no good in man. … How many of us deceive ourselves to think that we are good? There’s nothing good in me, nothing good in you. … Human nature is corrupt right to its core.” Though he goes on to say that goodness can be derived from faith in Christ, it’s easy to imagine a listener left hopeless by the bleak preamble.

In his book, Brother Frank writes that bad things in this world stem from vanity, pride, and the glorification of “self.” The antidote — what “nobodies” should strive for — is subservience. “God’s nobodies,” he writes, “are never selfish, self-centered or demanding, but act only at His express command.” That command comes via the minister’s interpretation of God’s will. In his teachings and his day-to-day intervention in his followers’ lives, he instructs them on how every action comports with God’s will.

Brother Frank’s teachings, on their face (and in the lives of some well-adjusted followers), could form the basis for a thoroughly constructive and defensible belief system. As I try to show in my story about the Ginocchetti/Rufo family, those teachings ended up at the center of one family’s serial tragedies.



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  1. Your arrogance Mark Obie , is the only thing that exceeds your ignorance. Your claim to know that the teachings in my church are central to Tims savage murder of. His mother are convenient for selling books and for promoting your anti Christian biases, but devoid of truth.Your simplistic and one sided conclusions derived from sources I will be gentle in describing as prejudiced are at a minimum greatly flawed or at worse maliciously orchestrated to deceive your readers , either way I think maybe your better suited to write fiction ,because for the most part, that’s what the story line of this book is.

    1. I think you’re missing the author’s point here, Mark. Frank’s teachings were central in Pam’s life, as I know they are in many of yours. It was her literal take on these specific teachings that ultimately led to the tension between mother and son. Again, no justification for murder. Mark Obbie has presented a clear, concise and objective re-telling of this story and I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.

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