Crime-story winners at Online Journalism Awards

One of the values of journalism contests is that they curate good stuff, a kind of “in-case-you-missed-it” aid in the never-ending search for quality.

The Online News Association’s Online Journalism Awards have made themselves an important player in the contest world. But the page announcing the winners, revealed over the weekend, is not particularly helpful in flagging certain topics.

So here’s the crime-journalism slice of those awards, helpfully curated by yours truly:

Knight Award for Public Service: Miami Herald, “Innocents Lost”child abuse

Explanatory Reporting, Medium Market: Baltimore Sun, Breaking the Silence”male victims of sexual assault in the military

Planned News/Events, Medium Market: Mother Jones, Newtown One Year After — mass shootings and community trauma

Al Neuhart Innovation in Investigative Journalism, Large Market: USA Today, “Fugitives Next Door” criminal fugitives

University of Florida Award in Investigative Data Journalism, Small/Medium Market: Minnesota Public Radio, “Betrayed By Silence”coverup of child sexual abuse by priests

This serves as a reminder to us readers that there is quality work out there if we bother to look for it. That’s one key function of this blog and its related social feeds. But, considering that I didn’t see some of these projects when they were published, it’s important that everyone who cares about quality call attention to it and drive traffic to it. Congrats to these winners.



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