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  1. OH MY!!! It took me opening the email to downloading the book a matter of seconds. I just finished reading and listening to the audio. Mark you did a wonderful job in the compiling of this book and the view of “The Church” Thank you. I hope that Esther us strong enough to handle any backlash, but I want you to know that I will be there for her. Thanks again for writing this

  2. Just downloaded and read entire story today. The shocking part is how much damage these “church people” can do while hiding behind the protection of freedom of religion. Too bad Tim couldn’t have reached out to someone at school and found a way to break free from their control. Even at 34, he will be a young man that has so much promise and can only wish him well. A fine piece of work on your part.

    Also congratulations to John Nicoloson for getting you on Lonsberry while he was taking time off. Lonsberry is just the type to assume the roll of Brother Frank.

  3. Mark,
    My mother is 73 years old and would love to read this book we only see it on a kindle release anyway to get this in book form??

    1. No, sorry. It’s only available as an e-book. But you can read a Kindle Single on any computer or mobile device.

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