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My work focus now is doing my own reported stories. But, based on my decades of experience as an editor and then as a teacher of editing and writing at one of the nation’s top journalism schools, I can help writers and publishers with a range of nonfiction editorial projects (this means I don’t do fiction or corporate work). Contact me for an estimate if you seek help in any of these areas:

  • General skills training
  • Developing a particular story
  • Brainstorming ideas on approaches to stories and potential markets
  • Turning an idea into a story that suits one market
  • Crafting a winning pitch
  • Summary reactions with first impressions of a manuscript (a quick read and concise set of recommendations)
  • Big-picture editing of a manuscript (structure, voice, reporting/research)
  • Line editing of manuscripts and pitches (transitions, word choice, clarity, grammar, spelling)
  • Ghost-writing based on your research or draft
  • Managing publishing projects (for example, producing a special issue, from concept to delivery).

While I have a keen eye for small stuff — spelling, grammar, clarity — I am no stylebook guru, and thus I do not hold myself out to be a true copy editor, as that’s defined in the magazine and book businesses. My strengths are in deeply reported narratives of all lengths, but particularly magazine-length stories, and in blogging, social media, and developing online communities.

Even the most experienced, polished writers need a good editor as a sounding board and second set of eyes. Beginning writers, or writers turning to a new form of writing, need that and then some. Contact me with a description of what you seek and I will outline the services I could provide and the fees I would charge.

And here’s my answer to the question “will you write or edit on spec?”

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